What Is A Teardrop Caravan? (And Why Should You Want One)

What Is A Teardrop Caravan?

If you don’t have the budget, space or towing capacity for a traditional touring caravan then you could consider a teardrop caravan. The streamlined design first became popular in the 1950’s in America as part of the DIY scene, but the design has become popular in recent years. So what is a teardrop caravan? A teardrop caravan is a small … Read more

How Much Does A Caravan Weigh? with 15 examples

How Much Does A Caravan Weigh?

If you are considering purchasing a new or used caravan you need to know how much the tow weight of the caravan is. With this information you can make an informed decision if your car or van is powerful enough to safely tow it. So exactly how much do caravans weigh? Smaller 2 and 4 berth Caravans tend to weigh … Read more